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Let AI Craft Perfect Alt Text for all images. Say hello to effortless alt text generation into WordPress with the best AI Image Alt Text Generator & Boost Your Image SEO Game to New Heights in over 150 languages.

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Elevate your website's user experience and search engine visibility by ensuring that each image is properly
tagged with descriptive alt text. Let us help you enhance your website's accessibility
and SEO performance, one image at a time or bulk at a time


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Install the WordPress plugin

Integrate our AI Alt Text Generator seamlessly into your WordPress site. With a simple installation, you can generate alt text automatically for all your images.


Generate All missing alt texts

Say goodbye to manually tagging your images. Our plugin will automatically create alt texts for all your images, ensuring no image is left out of your SEO strategy.

Example: "Three colleagues laughing at meeting."

Example: "Cliffs with natural arch over sea."

Example: "Two men discussing over document."

Example: "Stylish modern over-ear headphones."

What Perks Come with
AI Alt Text Generator?

Elevate your image optimization game with the powerful customization options of our AI Alt Text Generator.
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Seamless Integration

Install and activate our plugin with ease on your WordPress site. Our plugin works seamlessly with any theme or plugin you use. It's quick, simple, and requires no coding knowledge. Start using it right away.

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API Integration

Create an account, get your API key, and configure the plugin for enhanced functionality. Log in to your account, copy the API key, and open the plugin settings. Paste the API key into the field provided and click save. Your integration is now complete.

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Automate Alt Text

Let our plugin handle it—automatic alt text generation for all your images during upload. Your team won't have to worry about manually writing alt text for each image. Instead, the plugin will generate it quickly and accurately.

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Bulk Processing

Save time—generate alt text for all images into your website at once.Bulk processing also saves you time and effort, as you don't have to manually create alt text for each image.

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Seamless Integration
API Integration
Automate Alt Text
Bulk Processing

What People Really Think About Our
AI Image Alt Text Generator

Elevate your image optimization game with the powerful customization options of our AI Alt Text Generator.
Here's what you can expect

Generate fast

As a blogger, I'm constantly adding images to my posts, and manually adding alt text was such a drag. But with this plugin, it's like magic – alt text is done in a snap!"

It saves time

Running an online store means tons of product images. There's no time to alt text them one by one! But now it automatically generates alt text 😁

Improve my SEO

I love traveling and sharing my adventures through photos. What about SEO-friendly images? I'm not good at this. Thanks to this plugin, my travel blog gets more love from Google.

Easy to use

Food blogging is my passion, but SEO? Not so much. I love this plugin for optimizing food pics. Now my recipes are not just delicious but also images are showing on Google.

Time saver

As a photographer, I'm all about visuals. I know how to add alt text, but it takes a lot of time. Now this plugin adds all alt text automatically. Highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alt text provides descriptions for images, crucial for SEO as it helps search engines understand image content, improves accessibility, and boosts search rankings.

Our plugin uses advanced AI to automatically generate descriptive alt text for images on your WordPress site when you upload, saving you time and effort.

Yes, it can. Our plugin efficiently generates alt text in bulk, making it easy to optimize all your images at once.

Absolutely. Our plugin offers language flexibility, ensuring alt text is relevant for diverse audiences.

Yes, you can. Our plugin allows customization with custom titles, captions, and keyword inclusion for improved SEO.

Simply install the plugin and let it automatically generate alt text for your images. Try our free trial to experience the benefits firsthand.

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Alt Text Generation? text

Elevate your image optimization game with the powerful customization options of our AI Alt Text Generator. Here’s what you can expect
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